Moving Forward


US Pain Foundation

The Us Pain Foundation is a non profit dedicated to helping pain patients. They conducted a survey of chronic pain patients on how COVID-19 has impacted people with pain.

To learn more about the US Pain Foundation. 

Opportunity for Participating Deadline May 15, 2020


Two Non-narcotic Pain Management Request for Proposals: (1) Statewide Mapping and Assessment; (2) Pain Management Demonstration Projects

MDH is seeking proposals for two program components: (1) statewide mapping and (2) provision of community-based non-narcotic pain management services for the grant period June 22, 2020 – June 30, 2022. 

The 2019 Minnesota legislative session included several primary prevention strategies as part of a comprehensive approach to the opioid epidemic in the state. One of these included $1.25 million for non-narcotic pain management. Of the total, $250,000 will fund one statewide mapping study to better understand where non-narcotic pain management is available and what barriers exist to accessing this type of care. One million dollars will be awarded to (up to) five demonstration projects across the state to better understand what non-narcotic pain management and wellness services are being used, for and among whom, and how they are working.

Interested applicants should review the full Non-narcotic Pain Management Request for Proposals for funding details and application requirements. Contact Dana Farley at by May 1, 2020 for application-related questions.

Opioid Epidemic Response Advisory Council

Minnesota's response to the opioid crisis was to create a council to provide recommendations on how to move forward with the opioid epidemic. There is currently a draft for a request for proposal. There is hope that Acupuncturists for a Healthy Minnesota can receive funding for education and advocacy. 


1.Prevention and Education
Awards totaling up to $500,000 through 6/30/2021
Categories for Consideration:
a. Public prevention programs for adults and youth
b. Opioid overdose prevention and education programs
c. Community-wide stigma reduction campaigns

Expansion and Enhancement of a continuum of care for opioid-related substance use Disorders
Awards totaling up to $800,000 through 6/30/2021
Categories for Consideration:
a. Improving or changing reimbursement issues
b. Expanding access to treatment services to youth through schools
c. Expnding access for criminal justice involved individuals
d. Telehealth innovations
e. Expanding access to holistic pain treatments
f. Expanding supportive housing options
g. Expanding mental health care and screening
h. Create long term care coordination options